Photo of ‘Inside Front #13’ front cover

  1. Pages 164

The penultimate issue of Inside Front begins with a narrative in which the editor and other young ruffian stage a guerrilla noise show at 2 am in a convenience store immediately across a parking lot from a police station. Police pull up to the store and see the crowd moshing and rioting, throwing commodities everywhere with wild abandon—and the issue proceeds from there, including accounts from the riotous high points of the anti-globalization era of summit hopping, essays about non-monogamy, gender, mortality, and gardening, travelogues from several continents, and a comprehensive portrait of the most extreme currents in the do-it-yourself hardcore punk underground at the turn of the century.

This issue came with a compilation CD featuring songs by Milemarker, Newborn, Cwill, Abuso Sonoro, Endstand, Point of No Return, Newspeak, Ruination, Shank, and many other classic hardcore bands of the era. You can download it here.